If your property or business will be impacted by
a governmental taking or regulation,
you should consult an attorney that
specializes in eminent domain.

Wiley Hicks is an Eminent Domain and Civil Trial Attorney

and he has dedicated his practice to protecting the rights of property and business owners since 1993.

It is never too early to seek the advice
of experienced eminent domain counsel.

For 23 of his over 30 years as an attorney in Florida, Wiley Hicks has dedicated himself to providing the highest level of service to his clients in the areas of eminent domain, property rights and commercial litigation. His practice is limited almost exclusively to the representation of private property and business owners that are impacted by governmental takings and regulation. Every case is personally handled by Mr. Hicks and he does not utilize the services of less qualified or less experienced associates or paralegals.  In most instances, the government will be responsible for paying your attorney’s fees and costs as part of your right to recover “full compensation” in a Florida eminent domain situation.  Therefore, you should begin planning and preparing for the taking as soon as you become aware of it, and that includes consulting with and hiring an experienced eminent domain attorney.  A consultation with Wiley Hicks about your case is always free.

What You Should Know
About Eminent Domain

To begin the preparation process or
to learn more, contact Wiley Hicks today.

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